What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • You will need to bring the following to your appointment
  • Your Medicare Card and any private health insurers details
  • A Current Referral ( from your Optometrist, GP or specialist)
  • Your Medical History (including previous conditions and operations)
  • A list of all your Medications and your Glasses
  • Any pathology(blood tests, histology) or radiology reports ( such as X-rays, MRI, CT or ultrasound scans relating to your eye condition)
  • You may require a driver to assist you to and from your appointment if your eyes are dilated
  • A hat and sunglasses may help prevent glare after your eyes have been examined

Having a current referral allows you to claim money back from Medicare for your consultation, most additional tests and treatments provided to you at the Cairns Eye and Laser Centre. The federal government also offers a Medicare Safety net for patients, which can cover up to 80% of your out of pocket expenses for those who qualify. A new referral is required for any new problems, without a new referral you will receive less money back from Medicare.

If you need to check your referral status please contact our reception staff, who will also inform you if a new referral is required for any future appointments.